HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS??! Janet Mcteer and Harriet Walker as Mary of Scotland and Elizabeth I. I remember reading about it because I had only just begun to know Janet McTeer thanks to her amazing Gertrude Lawrence portrayal. But Harriet Walker too? UGHHHHH 

Ditto. They are both AMAZING.
"Women are like geography…"

From sixteen to twenty-two, they’re like Africa, virginal, unexplored.

From twenty-two to thirty-five, they’re like Asia, hot and mysterious.

From thirty-five to forty-five, they’re like the USA, all high-toned and technical.

From forty-five to fifty-five, they’re like Europe, quite devasted, but interesting in places.

And from sixty upwards, ugh! they’re like Australia, everybody knows about it, but nobody wants to go there!

(From the TV movie Daphne:

Anyways, looking past the gloom of my depressing day…

…it’s Janet McTeer’s birthday! 50 years young. And looking FABULOUS.

May she continue to grace our screens with her enigmatic presence for many years to come.

More Janet/Harriet love.

Really wish I’d seen this show.

These two ladies. OMG.

I just watched Janet McTeer’s ‘Charlie Rose’ interview.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more enamoured with an actress. I watched the full half hour of the interview, something I don’t do that often as I get distracted easily. Rose himself was a bit abrupt in places, but maybe that’s just his style. Everything Janet said, I understood. I’ve never seen Ibsen’s ‘The Doll’s House’, though I feel like I don’t really need to now, as she explained it so well!

I loved how down-to-earth she was, and all her mannerisms and gesticulations were fascinating to watch. I’m still buzzing over the fact that she grew up in my home town; it’s crazy to imagine an actress with such charisma and talent walking the same streets I walk every day. Also, the fact that she had had little or no experience acting-wise, and was accepted for RADA, gives me hope for my own ambitions.

Her views on success (“Someone has to succeed. There’s no reason why is shouldn’t be me”) really resonated with me. Upon her advice, I shall write that quote on a piece of paper, stick it on my mirror, and repeat it before every audition. Not that I’ve had any of those yet :P

Janet, you’re brilliant, and I sure as heck would give anything to work with you some day.

(Hope I don’t sound overly enthusiastic and stalkerish, don’t worry, I’m not!)

I just found out Janet McTeer grew up in my home town. Where I still live.

I am far more pleased about this than I should be.