I despise my sister. Just thought I should say.

I don’t care if she’s got an undiagnosed mental problem. She shouldn’t inflict her Jekyll and Hyde persona on me. I don’t appreciate being physically attacked & my things being stolen and damaged. With no provocation. That’s the worst part. That I get all this shit for no reason.

People keep thinking that the scars on my arms are self-inflicted. They’re not. They’re all a little memento from her.

One day, I am going to murder my father. I really mean that.

For being an abusive drunk. Trust me. You ain’t even seen him. He doesn’t even deserve to breath the same air as me, and I’m ashamed to be related to him.

So…the next time he tries to push me down the stairs…

I hate all those inbred miscreants in my local area.

Or, to use their scientific name: CHAVS.

In the space of five minutes, I was purposefully shoved into whilst trying to pass this 6ft 5” chav, and to top it all off, got my space taken in the que. This was my brief conversation with the female chav:

*she appears next to me, followed by apeish 6ft 5” boyfriend*

Chav: “Are you in this que?”
Me: “Err…yeah.”
Chav: “Well, I can’t be arsed waiting!”

*shoves past, followed by the ape, and goes to pay*



Why does MY sister have to have a personality problem?

I feel that I should run for the hills before she hits me again.

Or maybe I should just punch her back?